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We carry a plethora of Edibles in the store! If you don't see what you are looking for simply text the store 202-819-9444

Carmel's Shopping Tips

The Products listed below contain HEMP 0.3% THC which is very potent and will create a lasting vibe.
Not only that, but edibles are known for offering the strongest body high out of any delivery method, This means you can feel those effects for longer than 4-8 hours!  

Delta 8 - Its high is described as soothing and mellowing, much like an indica strain, and being more clear-minded than delta 9 , so that the user can maintain focus and clarity.  

THC-O’s -high is known for offering sublime feelings of euphoria, paired with a distinctively strong body high that can very well lead to couchlock.

HHC- While HHC is still new to the hemp game, it’s already proven to be incredibly popular with those looking for a “legal high” from…you guessed it, the hemp plant. It provides a lasting simultaneously euphoric feeling!

Delta 9- specifically affects both the body and the mind. The “high” that is produced can be felt in the body and mind.  It feels euphoric, light, and mood-boosting with calming effects, for the most part. THC users choose these products not only for their recreational high, but also for the mood-boosting properties as well as physical benefits.

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